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Napa Valley Bioscience is an American, research-driven, novel nutraceutical company headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA. We make innovative products. We also research, develop, and manufacture products for others.

Research and Development

A number of novel nutraceuticals are currently in development at Napa Valley Bioscience. Just like the revolutionary Sunsafe Rx, these innovative products are being pursued to serve currently unmet market needs and are precisely formulated for the maintenance of a healthy life. After thoroughly researching, developing, and testing to prove safe and efficacious, these proprietary therapeutic formulations will be made available to discriminating customers. Please look for these exciting and innovative products in the near future.

Sunsafe Rx®

Sunsafe Rx is a nutritional supplement made with ingredients that support your skin and eyes. One capsule per day provides natural, healthy, anti-aging protection.

Sunsafe Rx was scientifically created to combat the aging effects of environmental stresses on human skin and eyes. Stemming from years of extensive research into compounds existing in nature that are able to defend plants and animals against free-radical damage, a product that combines the best of what nature has to offer was designed, developed, and tested. The result is an incredible capsule, made with ingredients from foods and plants that have been shown to naturally promote your defenses against the effects of exposure to the elements. Research shows the ingredients in Sunsafe Rx are able to diminish the appearance of skin aging and wrinkles while at the same time providing many other health benefits for your skin, eyes, and whole body.

The secret of Sunsafe Rx is a precise blend of powerful antioxidants called Antioxidine. Decades of research and hundreds of clinical studies and published scientific papers show that the ingredients in our proprietary Antioxidine formula have a protective effect for your skin and eyes. It’s a groundbreaking formulation that’s natural and incredibly effective.

Environmental stresses are continuously trying to age your skin. But Sunsafe Rx is always working: it supports your whole body, isn’t messy, and won’t rub off. In fact, Sunsafe Rx may be the single most important anti–aging product you ever use. And it's made exclusively by Napa Valley Bioscience.

Learn more about Sunsafe Rx on the product website:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Not all nutraceuticals are the same; quality ingredients and manufacturing matter. Napa Valley Bioscience creates premium products produced using only the highest-quality ingredients available, all sourced from reputable suppliers. Our products are natural, healthy, and effective.

All our ingredients come from natural sources, and all raw materials are tested prior to manufacturing to confirm purity and potency. Likewise, all final products are tested after production to ensure safety and efficacy. Our products are manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in a certified, FDA-registered manufacturing facility in California, United States of America, employing the highest possible quality standards available. Using superior ingredients and stringent production processes costs more, but when health is concerned we think it is well worth it.

Partner with us

We love to collaborate with others. And at Napa Valley Bioscience we currently have both a library of well-research pioneering product ideas and surplus developmental capacity. If you represent a biotechnology or nutritional supplement company interested in collaborating on nutraceutical creation, development, and/or manufacturing, or are simply looking for a new product to launch, please reach out to us.

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